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[Character] A clumsy fixer who was disowned by a gentle, melancholic hacker for disrespecting a courier, with a rusty, fragile cyberdeck.

This thing was generated from the corpus key '.' (the default)


Random Thing Generator generates random things. See right for a list of approved entry points: a (X) in the name indicates a corpus I'm less happy with, either for lesser variety or greater chance of anomalies.

Vaguely inspired by [the existence of] Tracery (which I didn't actually look into because I wanted to roll my own), it uses a carefully curated corpus of language snippets to generate random stuff.

If you want to consume random things programatically you can request this page with the Accept: text/plain header set (instead of Accept: text/html, not in addition).

Copyright 2022 M Holland. Let me know if you do anything interesting with it, and a credit would be appreciated.